Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How do I get better results from Promotional Products?

What are the 6 pillars of Promotional Marketing?

Companies spend a significant amount of money executing their brand and marketing strategies. Most of the focus of execution is quite rightly on those elements of the strategy which are the most costly and potentially the most impactful. Often this is the above the line component of the strategy - TV & radio.

In most if not all instances the below the line components get paid less attention. Furthermore, the promotional merchandising end of the spectrum can often be completely overlooked and as a result mismanaged or poorly managed.

The results of this poor management are seen in an increase in costs, poor product choices, misalinged and confused messages and even brand conflict. In a nutshell most companies manage the promotional merchandise component of their brand and marketing strategies in a sub-optimal way.

This is not surprising because in a busy world with enormous pressures and conflicting priorities the strategies for optimising the use of promotional products is often seen as a low priority by Marketing teams.

This is where the 6 Pillars of Promotional Marketing come in. It is a simple way of categorising, managing & executing your promotional products strategy in a way that is well thought out, fully aligned and achieves maximum results.

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